Find Multi-industry Products of Top Brands at Suppliers in Singapore

Are you wondering to find multi-industries products at one stop place online? If yes, you should look for the websites of genuine industrial products’ suppliers offering technical items and equipment used in diverse industries like oil and gas, semiconductors, electronics, telecommunication, electrical, and many more. All such industries use different types of equipment and machines, which have varied functionalities to develop quality products for end-customers. So, if you are seeking for high quality products for your industry, you should go online and check websites of leading industrial products’ suppliers in Singapore wisely. On the portals of trusted suppliers, you can find latest design and trending equipment and technical items used in diverse industries at affordable prices. Also, you can find well-tested products of famous brands and manufacturers of the industry on the websites of reputed suppliers and dealers in Singapore.

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No worries, if you are looking for high-end testing equipment for automation industry of famous brand Teradyne”, which is known for developing and supplying automatic testing equipment for many industries. Moreover, the company is also renowned for developing useful testing software, accessories, and provides with best testing solutions to its patrons worldwide. So, if you really want genuine testing equipment for automation and robotics industry, you need to navigate websites of finest suppliers in Singapore and find some outstanding ranges of latest testing equipment designed by the Teradyne brand for required purpose. One is advised to buying any testing product from suppliers online after checking all reviews, technical specifications, logo of brand on equipment, and other necessary points about company as well. Thus, you will definitely find premium quality products of Teradyne brand and other leading manufacturers online at websites of trusted suppliers in Singapore at market leading prices.

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Similarly, if you need the best quality rf repeater used for amplifying radio signals from producer to receiver ends. You should approach to the authentic suppliers in Singapore and find branded rf repeaters in diverse frequency ranges at reasonable prices. The suppliers can also provide you with rf repeaters with high amplifying strength and ranges that will help you to catch up signals at indoor and outdoor spaces of property easily. One should buy this product after checking its technical accuracy, frequency range and prices at the suppliers in Singapore.

Thus, you will find high-grade products of any industry at the reputed suppliers and dealers in Singapore at the affordable price rates. Also, one is recommended buying product of any industry from the suppliers having valid license and good reputation in Singapore too.


Get the Best Engineering Products’ Solutions at Petra Carbon

Petra Carbon is an engineering company that provides its customers with diversified products. We were established in 1982. From the year of foundation till 2018, we have established ourselves in the top five major countries. Our head office is in Singapore. We have the mission to provide the best products with zero risk factor. We have the mission to be the world’s best engineering solutions providing company. We have creativity in our employees. They research and manufacture products.


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One of the products from the business of oil and gas of Petra Carbon is Hydraulic Torque Wrench. People related to the oil and gas industry must have understood what this tool is. This is a very powerful tool. It is used to exert the torque on a fastener. This is done to achieve proper tightening or loosening of a connection with the help of hydraulics. This can be done properly with the help of impact sockets. The demand of our users is to give them a faster and lighter tool. We try our best to give them a faster and lighter tool but with full security. We check the tool until the level of its destruction before providing it to you. Our motto is to provide the best products to you without any risk from the product.

The next product provided by Petra Carbon is Fiber optic repeater. This kind of repeater is used to send optical signals. This helps in optical communication. Optical communication is considered as the best way of communication nowadays. This prevents the loss due to attenuation. Some repeaters also cause the distortion. This distortion is in a positive way. It converts the optical signal into an electric signal. The features of fibre optic repeater includes: they are channel selective, this means, they will be used where distortion due to attenuation is least; they can be of single band, double band, triple band, quad-band and penta-band; they are of very high gain, therefore reducing the cost; it has the property of echo cancellation and the last feature is that it can be used both outdoor and indoor.


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Petra Carbon takes products from the best company called Smiths. They provide us with the smith’s connector. These connectors are the most reliable connection providers. They are used to connect electrically highly integrated assemblies to micro-miniature connectors and spring probe contacts. We deliver the highest quality connectors to our customers.

Petra Carbon has shown its work in five countries. Now it’s your turn to gain the services provided by us.

Do You Use Perfect Equipment for Your Industry?

Petra carbon is a well know company in Singapore with its offices throughout Asia. We were established in 1983. We are the best distributors, manufacturers and designers. We manufacture electronic components, internet contact probes, in-circuit fixtures, oil and gas and wireless communications.

Nuts and bolts are the most used equipment in any workplace. But isn’t it hectic selecting the best fit nut and bolt? At Petra carbon, you will get the torque wrench calibration. A torque wrench is a tool that tests the tension and twist in nuts and bolts. This equipment provides a great help at the workplace. We provide you with the calibration guide for this work as well. This equipment is in the shape of a long-armed wrench. After applying the turning force at the handle, this wrench bends thus explaining the twist and tensions.

Synergetix is a company which is the leading manufacturer of test sockets. We have collaborated with them and today we are the leading distributor of those test sockets. Everyone knows the use of test sockets at any electrical workplace. Without testing nothing can be guaranteed. We cannot test the appliances on any socket. These sockets are specially designed for the testing purpose. They contain all the features that can give a fault.

Petra Carbon also provides the best cleaning solutions for the industries. We provide this service in a very fast and cost-effective manner. The product which we commonly use is water-jetting. This helps in improving the speed of the equipment. Once the speed is increased, performance will be automatically increased. All of these cleanings are user-friendly as well as environment-friendly. We not only care about the equipment but also for the environment. These cleanings also improve the cost of the productions.

Petra Carbon is the true industry. We care about everything and therefore we stand high on the list.

Our Ability to Consistently Serve You Makes Us the Best in this Field

If you are looking for the best Outdoor panel antenna, Petra carbon, Singapore is the best place to find one from. How do you visualize oil & gas or a wireless telecommunication Company? There’s a constant need for electronic components and interconnect devices in these companies for their smooth functioning. However, it would be really convenient to find all of these required devices at one spot, right?

Then, it comes to the quality aspect which cannot be compromised in any case but again that doesn’t mean that the industries should start paying any price for it. So where does one find the perfect solutions for various tools, parts and devices needed by the various industries in terms of variety, quality and price?

The answer is Petra carbon. Petra carbon is a Singapore based Company which started way back in the year 1983 and by now; it has its office all across Asia. The Company is believed to be the leading supplier of Interconnect Devices Inc (IDI) probes and Synergetic test sockets. Also, this Company is consistently involved in the manufacture of Automated Test Equipments for In-circuit test.

The Company has been an active supplier of electronic components to various industries over the past many years. In fact, it has the best Torque Wrench Calibration. A lot of industries have made stunning progress because of its advanced products. What gives it a leading edge is certainly its deep understanding of its clients’ requirements and of course, its unbeatable technology.

Petra carbon’s years of persistent good service has made it the most reliable provider in this field. Furthermore, the Company offers after sales service with an amazing customer support to help you break out of every technical difficulty in the quickest possible time. We have clients who have been dealing with us for a very long time which clearly indicates the effectiveness of our products and services.

Even if you are up to starting a new industry and aren’t quite sure of the various electronic components that would be required, you can simply give us a call and our executive will come all the way down to your doorsteps to assist you find the best yet cost effective solution for your business.

It is certainly our deep concern towards our customers that has made us the leading service provider in this field and we look forward IDI Singapore to continuing to serve our clients even better in the upcoming years.

Search for the right quality Fiber Optic Repeater

It is quite important for you to make the best research for finding a reputed equipment manufacturing company. You need to make the best of your efforts to look forward to all the credentials of the particular company as this would definitely help you to get the ultimate satisfaction. You have to look at the background of the company where you can really get the best idea of their service quality provided by the particular company. So, you should take important steps to find out their mission and values so that you can get the perfect idea about their products and services that it provides. Petracarbon Pte Ltd provides with the ultimate services for fulfilling your requirement for the best quality equipments for your purpose. You can expect to find the perfect Fiber Optic Repeater that would help you to get the perfect satisfaction out of it. We assure to deliver the ultimate services where would surely exceed your own expectations.

With diverse range of different important services, you can truly anticipate the best quality products that we supply. At any point of time, if you wish to clear your queries on our services, you can easily try to contact us. We would really be pleased to get all your doubts cleared. You can definitely expect to get the right amount of good services that would really make you feel much satisfied of your own best choice that you have made. We deal with electronic components and storage solutions where we assure that you get the perfect and satisfied services out of it. You can find that we have made it possible to provide with all types of components that would lead to a huge sense of fulfillment.

We at Petracarbon Pte Ltd also make sure of providing with the best quality RF Passive Components where you also never have to spend much on your pocket too.  We have been successfully providing with the best quality bolting and machine services so as to serve the Oil and Gas market in a suitable manner.  Bolt tensioning products are manufactured by us where you can find increase in terms of productivity. We assure of making it possible to meet the requirements of the wireless telecommunications by providing with high quality RF products like Low Pim Load & attenuator, in-building antenna, Optimised RF Feeder Radiating cable, Cable hangers & clamps and the like.

Facilitate The Communication process With in building antennae Singapore

teradyneIn today’s scenario things become wireless with high efficiency followed by latest technology from leading brands. It is important to have a right technology and keep updated with latest and innovative technology. We the petracarbon is the distributor of highest quality RF products for wireless telecommunication. Our products include low PIM RF jumpers, feeder cables, EMP, coaxial power Splitters and tappers, radiating cables, attenuators, repeaters, inbuilding Antenna  Singapore, and many more. Petracarbon are very punctual in attending the events of mobile industry that’s why they are aware about the future needs of their valuable clients as in these events face to face meeting can be done.

Our products maximise the wireless performance. We are the leading provider of products to the wireless communication industry. Smiths connectors products are the high class products and we are also supply their products. Making technology work everywhere is our major concern. We work for Teradyne Singapore who is the distributor of automatic test equipment. Teradyne develop telecommunication test systems.

Petracarbon is established in 1982, since that period we helped so many telecommunication industries, government agencies and many more to meet their business goals. We are result oriented company delivering faultless quality products and our top concern is satisfaction of our valuable customers. We visualize that by following the guiding principle that is fixed in our internal workplace safety and health procedures, we proved to be good dedicated company towards our work. Provide full safety assurance to our employees. Our company core value is we maintain the communication with our clients on the regular basis so that we get to know what kind of product they want with what kind of specification they want. We continuously change our working strategies and bring innovative ideas to remain in competition with our competitors. So hurry and avail our products and services at reasonable prices within given time. Feel free to contact us.

For The Better Effeciency Of Work Use Multi Network Combiner

Petra Carbon is offering Flange Management products to achieve and monitor the correct sealing pressure. We are using this to maintain leak free flanges, proper flame alignment and spreading techniques is important for joint integrity. This provides the safest solution and it is also easy to use, as they are designed in a way that it can be easily transported with its light weight feature. We seek to deliver the highest quantity of quality products and service excellence to our customers through creation and innovation.

Petra Carbon offer hp3070 which is mainly best way out for all electronic goods to tackle with the trouble of resolving issues of assemblies. Printed Circuit is the complex one that is why it requires a high quality machine to resolve the faults of the machine. This can be easily install on the site and provide standard and higher test programs for the better and safe future of every person. It is designed especially for to make test of developing board easily which reduce the work of the workers by resolving complex faults.


We also provide Spring contact probe, which is a substantial tool that is used to connect electronic test gear to a machine under test. They range from very easy, strong devices to complex probes that are difficult and costly. They are used to make contact with various test points on printed circuit board components and wiring field systems. It can also be used in control engineering units or as a charging contact. It consists of various applications which benefit the work by connecting devices and by doing work effectively. Petra Carbon let you have the benefits of the advanced spring contact probe, which allow a simpler and smooth interface for your application and it also optimize the performance of your application. They are ideal for blind mate application as they self correcting all the problems of the target.

We have Multi Network Combiner that lets you work faster without any traffic and it is the most popular combiner also. People have many networks but they can use only one at a time, but at that time when they need greater speed they got stuck in between their work, so by combining multiple network in one you can get the best speed ever which will make your work done faster. We ensure to meet with the requirements of application by providing multi network combiner. It is designed especially for in-building applications where power budget is less, it directly transfer signals to the without squander through multiple phase loads. It allows multiple networks to be combined into one single network for better access efficiency and frequency arrangement.

Communication In Tunnels Is Now Easy With the RF Radiating Cable

Communication is a process through which we transmit the data from one to another. As we know for communication, radio links are used for the smooth communication process, but in tunnel electronic waves used for mobile communication are unsatisfactory as it is difficult to do transmission through antenna that is why the need of radiating cables occurs. The mobile is used as a way of communication in every field, but sometimes it is not possible to get the signal in some places which is underground. So at that time we needed RF radiating cable which lets the easy transmission of signals without having disturbance. By using Radiating cables we can easily use mobile phones in underground places with the help of RF signals and can communicate from one place to another without having any disturbance in signal. It is very beneficial at the time of emergency so that we can easily cure the problem before it happens. And it also retransmit FM-radio in road tunnels so that we can easily communicate in underground railways or tunnels, for the prevention of any problem. Antenna based communication are sometimes unable to provide uniform RF coverage so to remove this problem we can use an RF radiating cable that act as continuous antennas which work in a low power level by emitting RF signals. We provide the best quality cable which reduces the possibilities of interfering with other system and reuse frequency for greater effect. These are the cable which is designed to both receive and transmit RF signals by carrying multiple frequencies in a single cable which make the communication process easier. The use of our highly qualified cables provides RF coverage in mining tunnels, buildings, etc. and it is easy to install.

Sometime to fastener a torque such as a nut or bolt we use torque wrench which has special internal mechanisms. These are designed to tighten bolts, but sometimes it is not possible  to wrench a torque  manually as it can take hours and it don’t make life easy, as it is not safe for humans, they can get hurt by it so to make work easier we have the best quality  Hydraulic Torque Wrench. Difficult bolting is now easy which has been made possible by this wrench. It is an efficient tool for various industries which require efficient work of tightening bolts. It makes a human work easy, which have enough power for heavy application which puts less effort on user part. It offers a high level of accuracy and safety and easy to use as it is lighter, quieter and more reliable. We offer our customer high level of quality product taking their safety into consideration with the effective price.