Do You Use Perfect Equipment for Your Industry?

Petra carbon is a well know company in Singapore with its offices throughout Asia. We were established in 1983. We are the best distributors, manufacturers and designers. We manufacture electronic components, internet contact probes, in-circuit fixtures, oil and gas and wireless communications.

Nuts and bolts are the most used equipment in any workplace. But isn’t it hectic selecting the best fit nut and bolt? At Petra carbon, you will get the torque wrench calibration. A torque wrench is a tool that tests the tension and twist in nuts and bolts. This equipment provides a great help at the workplace. We provide you with the calibration guide for this work as well. This equipment is in the shape of a long-armed wrench. After applying the turning force at the handle, this wrench bends thus explaining the twist and tensions.

Synergetix is a company which is the leading manufacturer of test sockets. We have collaborated with them and today we are the leading distributor of those test sockets. Everyone knows the use of test sockets at any electrical workplace. Without testing nothing can be guaranteed. We cannot test the appliances on any socket. These sockets are specially designed for the testing purpose. They contain all the features that can give a fault.

Petra Carbon also provides the best cleaning solutions for the industries. We provide this service in a very fast and cost-effective manner. The product which we commonly use is water-jetting. This helps in improving the speed of the equipment. Once the speed is increased, performance will be automatically increased. All of these cleanings are user-friendly as well as environment-friendly. We not only care about the equipment but also for the environment. These cleanings also improve the cost of the productions.

Petra Carbon is the true industry. We care about everything and therefore we stand high on the list.