Create safe environment with the help of hydraulic torque wrench


Petracarbon is the leading company and give diversified solution to make the industrial work easier and faster by providing high quality safety products. Mainly, we provide services and supply our products to different industries such as oil and gas, telecommunication, electronics and semiconductor. Petracarbon ensures you with high standard safety products. We ensure to strive for customer satisfaction as our main objective is to equip our valuable customers with our high quality products. As industrial operations are complex in nature and it can be handled with more care and with proper safety measure. For handling all these technical glitches we the petracarbon presents our products for efficient and effective operations.


Medallist I 1000 is an effective in-circuit test system provides highly developed defects treatment features together with a basic software model for a cost efficient in-circuit test solution. This system is easy to operate because of its user friendly graphical user interface. To carry the day to day operation in the industries you had to installed heavy machineries and these machineries carries along nuts and bolts, somehow these nuts and bolts loosening their grip and automatically harm the workers life so to ensure the smooth functioning of the machines and to tightening and loosening the nuts bolts we are providing you Hydraulic Torque Wrench which is an effective tool to overcome from all the dangerous situation.

Genrad is renowned name in automatic electronic test equipment industries specialized in producing wide-ranging lines of RLC standards and electrical component measuring tools. We also provide genrad automatic test equipments for your industrial work. Here we also talk about the flanges it is basically the way of connecting pipes, valves to form a piping system. And in the industries it is matter of top concern to maintain the proper piping system to make the work process easier so to resolve all these problems we are providing you flange management system which monitors the correct sealing pressure and demonstrate the safe flanged joint during the construction and management phase.


Facilitate The Communication process With in building antennae Singapore

teradyneIn today’s scenario things become wireless with high efficiency followed by latest technology from leading brands. It is important to have a right technology and keep updated with latest and innovative technology. We the petracarbon is the distributor of highest quality RF products for wireless telecommunication. Our products include low PIM RF jumpers, feeder cables, EMP, coaxial power Splitters and tappers, radiating cables, attenuators, repeaters, inbuilding Antenna  Singapore, and many more. Petracarbon are very punctual in attending the events of mobile industry that’s why they are aware about the future needs of their valuable clients as in these events face to face meeting can be done.

Our products maximise the wireless performance. We are the leading provider of products to the wireless communication industry. Smiths connectors products are the high class products and we are also supply their products. Making technology work everywhere is our major concern. We work for Teradyne Singapore who is the distributor of automatic test equipment. Teradyne develop telecommunication test systems.

Petracarbon is established in 1982, since that period we helped so many telecommunication industries, government agencies and many more to meet their business goals. We are result oriented company delivering faultless quality products and our top concern is satisfaction of our valuable customers. We visualize that by following the guiding principle that is fixed in our internal workplace safety and health procedures, we proved to be good dedicated company towards our work. Provide full safety assurance to our employees. Our company core value is we maintain the communication with our clients on the regular basis so that we get to know what kind of product they want with what kind of specification they want. We continuously change our working strategies and bring innovative ideas to remain in competition with our competitors. So hurry and avail our products and services at reasonable prices within given time. Feel free to contact us.